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Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending all Continuing Education, NAR Designation Courses, and monthly Power Lunches that will be offered at the Association during the calendar year. The Committee also reviews the New Member Orientation Program and recommends any necessary changes.

The Education Committee meets 4-5 times per year or as needed.


Finance/Facilities Committee

The Finance and Facilities Committee reviews the financial statements of the association as well as the annual budget prior to submission to the Board of Directors.  Also included are any recommendations regarding the Volusia Ave headquarters and any needed repairs or updates.

The Finance and Facilities Committee meets 2-4 times per year and monitors regular information on a secure site that’s available 24/7/365. Only REALTOR members are eligible to serve on this committee.


Member Services Committee

The Member Services Committee plans the social events for the year. This includes the Realtor After-Hours, Affiliate Appreciation, and the Annual Awards and Installation Gala.  The group is also responsible for any member outreach that is requested by the Board of Directors through surveys or special projects within the strategic business plan.

This committee meets approximately 3 to 4 times per year for around 1 hour.


RPAC Fundraising Committee

The RPAC Event Committee plans and facilitates all RPAC fundraisers for the given year, including the annual Spring and October fundraising events.  This group will solicit contributions for RPAC and for RPAC events, such as auction items, sponsorships, and ticket sales for events. The group will also work towards increasing the participation of members in RPAC by educating members on what RPAC does, and also recruit new major investors.

This committee meets 3-4 times per year for approximately 1 hour.


Professional Standards Committee

This committee is composed of MANY members and we refer to it as the "jury duty" committee.  A small number of diverse members are called to sit on a hearing panel should a complaint be forwarded from our grievance committee.  Training is required to sit on this committee.  Training is provided by the Board at no cost at NOON on 1/30/2020.

Members of the Board of Directors as well as the Greivance Committee cannot serve on the Professional Standards Committee.

This Committee never meets as a group/whole but rather calls a few members at a time when necessary throughout the calendar year to serve on panels.

Only REALTOR members are eligible to serve on this committee.

MLS Advisory Committee

The MLS Advisory Committee meets quarterly to give suggestions, recommendations and feedback on items that affect the operation of the Multiple Listing Service.  The committee is chaired by the MAC Representitive from Stellar MLS.  Only REALTOR members are eligible to serve on this committee.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee keeps tabs on what's happening in the areas of government, ensuring WVAR is aware of possible changes to private property rights, and also working with elected officials to ensure they understand the cause/effect of legislation on housing and affordability.  This committee also interviews candidates for office and makes recommendations for PAC funding.  This committee is a 2 year commitment, and on election years is quite busy, sometimes having meetings that last hours while interviewing many candidates.  Only REALTOR members are eligible to serve on this committee.

Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee reviews ethics complaints as well as requests for arbitration to determine if they merit a hearing from the Professional Standards Committee.  There are only 5 members of the committee, and each individual serves a 2-year term.  There cannot be more than one individual from a single real estate company on the Grievance Committee.  There are two seats available for the 2020-2021 terms. Prior experience on the Professional Standards Committee is required.  This committee is only available to REALTOR members.

Global Business Committee

The global business committee meets on an as-needed basis to introduce new education to members of the association about foreign nationals and also to introduce programs to ensure members are prepared and ready to work with international transactions.  Only REALTOR members are able to sit on this committee, at this time.  Affiliates are able to serve on this committee by invitation only.