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Government Affairs

The West Volusia Association of REALTORS is committed to protecting the private property rights of homeowners by ensuring that an orderly and vibrant real estate marketplace exists within the community. The WVAR believes that all individuals should have the opportunity to purchase a home, have access to responsible credit, and be able to experience the American Dream of Homeownership. This task is not easy, but through the combined efforts of the National, Florida, and West Volusia Association of REALTORS, we can harness the power of over one million members nationally to ensure that resources and services are available on a local level to support or oppose legislation targeting the real estate industry.

To achieve this end and to better assist our members, the West Volusia Association of REALTORS provides the below Policy Positions to ensure that members are well informed.

These Policy Positions serve as a guide for lobbying and issue advocacy activities and are updated and approved monthly by the association's Board of Directors.

Current Policy Positions

Workforce Housing Funding

The West Volusia Association supports legislation that increases and protects funding for the  state and local housing trust funds. Housing trust funds were established to help Floridians achieve housing security and are supported entirely by doc stamp taxes collected on every real estate transaction. The funds provide down-payment assistance, housing rehabilitation, and rental assistance to Floridians who need it most. We urge lawmakers to allow the housing trust funds to help families become homeowners through public-private partnerships that give back to the community.

Short Term Vacation Rental

The West Volusia Association supports Vacation Rental Legislation that respects private property rights and balances the needs of homeowners and communities. Recent technological advances have made it easier than ever for homeowners to capitalize on what for many is their largest investment, their homes and communities. However, many local governments have responded by attempting to establish burdensome ordinances, inspections clauses, and fees that are designed to limit the free exercise of private property.

REALTORS® Political Action Committee - RPAC

What is a PAC?

Political Action Committee (PAC) — A popular term for a political committee organized for the purpose of raising and spending money to elect and defeat candidates. Most PACs represent business, labor, or ideological interests. PACs are an integral part of the political landscape. In order to protect the interests of Realtors® and Homeowners alike, the National Association of Realtors® maintains the Realtors® Political Action Committee (RPAC), the Florida Association of Realtors® maintains the Florida Realtors® PAC and the West Volusia Association of REALTORS® maintains the Volusia Real Estate PAC. Together they ensure that Realtors® have a voice in their government and a pro Realtor® candidate in the election.

Why should I contribute to Volusia Real Estate PAC, Florida Realtors® PAC & RPAC?

These three PACs are the muscle behind all Realtors® Associations. In Florida, the Florida Realtors® PAC represents over 170,000 politically active Realtors® and allows them to take an active role in the State Government process. Recent legislative and regulatory successes include…

  • The continued reduction to the Business Rent Tax (BRT)

  • Limiting Impact Fees

  • Improving COVID-19 business liability protections

  • Eliminating burdensome regulations inhibiting environmental quality and healthy real estate markets.

How will my contribution be used?

100% of your contribution is used to elect pro Realtor® candidates. All three PACs are neither a Republican nor a Democratic organization. Your contribution is a vote for a pro Realtor® legislature, regardless of their political party. With regard to the actual financials, contributions are split between the local, state, and national associations. Every dollar is split in the following manner:

  • 30% to NAR – RPAC

  • 35% to Florida Realtors® PAC

  • 35% to Volusia Real Estate PAC

Does the National Realtors® PAC contribute to state or local candidates?

Under the cooperative agreements between the National RPAC and Florida Realtors® PAC, the responsibility for making contributions to state and local candidates is assigned to Florida Realtors® PAC. Under the cooperative agreement between the Florida Realtors® PAC and the Volusia Real Estate PAC, the Volusia Real Estate PAC may only make contributions to local candidates.

Are contributions to the PAC tax deductible?

No. Contributions used for political purposes are not tax-deductible on your federal income taxes.