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Supra Lockboxes

What is Supra?

Supra is an electronic lockbox system which allows Realtors® to easily access and track showings of locked houses. Supra offers two products, eKEYS and electronic Lockboxes, which are both available to you as members of the West Volusia Association.

  • eKEYS – The West Volusia Association of Realtors® utilizes the eKEY, which is an app that can be downloaded to most smart-phones.  Supra eKEYS allow Realtors® to show properties by granting them access to house keys that are kept onsite. For added safety, the Supra eKEY includes PIN-code security and creates a record each time a Lockbox is opened.
  • Lockboxes - Supra electronic Lockboxes securely store keys onsite so that Realtors® may have access to show the listing.  Current models of Lockboxes can be opened using Bluetooth or infrared signals. For security, Supra's system creates a record each time a Lockbox is opened.   The Lockboxes can also be programmed to limit accessibility to certain times of the day; i.e., 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions About Supra

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