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The term REALTOR® is not only a trademark owned by NAR and protected by federal law, it is also a valuable membership benefit that distinguishes members from all others in the real estate business.

NAR has created a number of videos below to guide members through copyright and trademark law to ensure that they are using the logo properly.

Review the Membership Marks Manual which is linked below for more detailed information about using the REALTOR® logo and trademark.

NAR’s Bylaws prohibit the use of descriptive wording with the REALTOR® Marks. The REALTOR® Marks are intended to distinguish members from non-members. Using descriptive wording with the REALTOR® Marks has the improper effect of distinguishing between members. Prohibited descriptive wording includes geographic descriptors, adjectives, and words such as “my”, “your”, and “the.”

Examples of how NOT to use the Trademark:

** Professional REALTOR®      **#YourFavoriteREALTOR®      **DeltonaREALTOR®      **Number1REALTOR®    **TopProducingREALTOR®

When using the trademark to describe you or your business, remember that the REALTOR® trademark, the word REALTOR® refers to your membership with the National Association of REALTORS®, rather than a description of your work, an adjective or otherwise.  Pleaser refer to the video above for a full outline of how the trademark can and cannot be used.  Furthermore, we have provided a copy of the Membership Mark guide for you to reference should you endeavor in a new marketing plan and would like to use the trademark as a part of that marketing plan.


For the best NAR REALTOR® Trademark resources, please go to:


If you would like to report what you believe is a trademark violation by one of our members here in West Volusia, you may do so by sending an email to  All emails are confidential.  You may also submit a confidential item should you not wish to use your name:


Individuals who are seen to be violating the trademark will be given a warning by the local association to cease the use of the trademark as it pertains to the rules.  Should the member not wish to change the use of the trademark, the National Association of REALTORS will follow up though its legal department by issuing cease and desist letters to agents and brokers if appropriate, and up to litigation if necessary.