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Monthly Dues Prepayment Option

Introducing the 2024 Dues Pre-Payment Plan

Pay your REALTOR® dues a different way! With 12 pre-payments of $50.00 automatically charged to your credit or debit card on the first of each month, you can take care of your 2024 REALTOR® Association dues for WVAR, Florida Realtors® and the National Association of REALTORS®.

We understand how changes in the real estate market can impact your income from month to month. After requests from our members, we have created this flexible pre-payment plan. This plan is intended to help our members who wish to participate in a plan that helps you budget AND stay active in the real estate business.

Payment Schedule

REALTOR® Dues Only:

**First Payment date is based on when the individual joins the 2024 Pre-Payment Plan.


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For more information or to sign up for the 2024 pre-payment plan, please contact any of the following individuals: 

We are also happy to provide more information about the $98.00 monthly plan to cover Dues AND MLS fees over the phone or email. 

386-774-6433 - WVAR Main Line

Kim Chaudion,

Ryan Tucholski,